With over 80 years of combined experience in the horticultural and plant science industries, Argus Controls and Conviron are the North American leaders in the design and supply of advanced automated monitoring and control systems, as well as the world’s largest designers and suppliers of plant growth chambers and rooms.


Since 1964, Conviron and Argus Controls have had a singular focus—to give our clients cutting-edge solutions for controlled environments for plant growth. Working seamlessly together, our grow rooms and control systems ensure unmatched environmental uniformity and precision control that allow you to maximize production. We stand by our warranty and our clients, and we don’t rest until you are growing confidently.


Your profitability starts with growing rooms and control systems that are designed and built to operate right the first time and evolve with you long into the future. We offer a turnkey, single-point-of-accountability approach. This means your contracting strategy is simplified, your construction timeline is more certain, and your CAPEX risk is minimized—leaving you to focus on building your business profitability.


Experts in Controlled Environments

Conviron offers an alternative to greenhouses and traditional build-out methods for indoor cannabis facilities. We have channeled our experience in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environments for plants into a portfolio of standard, advanced performance and R&D-level grow rooms refined for each stage of cannabis production.


Complete Solutions for Your Facility

Our solutions are custom, turnkey grow rooms and chambers complete with lighting, airflow, heat exchange, temperature and humidity control, CO2 control, irrigation and nutrient management options. Our turnkey approach means that clients have a single point of accountability for the entire growth area within a facility, and each room is considered a finished product complete with warranty. All our rooms are fully integrated with an Argus Controls system for environmental monitoring, control and reporting—customized to allow you to operate your facility exactly the way you want.

Be in Control

Argus provides advanced environmental control systems that are customized to each grower’s requirements and are adaptable to their changing needs, enabling them to operate their cannabis facilities in a unique way. With vast experience in combining controlling greenhouse and indoor growing environments with state-of-the-art technology for nutrient management, Argus provides a complete controls solution for commercial-scale cannabis production facilities.

Argus’ Multi-Feed system brings advanced fertigation capabilities, including full single-element dosing options and on-the-fly delivery of multiple stock concentrates in numerous recipes that the grower can define and modify. Multi-Feed systems enable growers to simply dial-in and repeat a precision feeding program for every crop while eliminating the costs of premixed nutrients.

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