PittMoss® started as a humble kitchen experiment in 1994 and quickly evolved into one of the most exciting developments in horticulture in decades—a growing media made from recycled, organic paper. Soon after graduating from the kitchen to the garage, PittMoss secured an EPA SBIR grant. This funded critical growth trials, providing the scientific evidence and the foundation for PittMoss’ patents. Based in Ambridge, Pa., PittMoss has worked closely with local growers to educate them on how to transition to the cellulosic fiber-based media that constitutes PittMoss’ products. Unlike peat moss, PittMoss’ physical, biological, chemical and environmental properties are completely different. PittMoss is hydrophilic (water-loving), encourages healthy microbial development and has a fiber structure resembling biochar.

All these properties make PittMoss incredibly exciting, but also require adjusting a grower’s habits, like their watering schedules, for example. PittMoss makes it a priority to work hand-in-hand with growers that make the switch, providing technical resources, soil and water testing, and more. On many occasions, this consultation provides results for growers above and beyond the original intent of the project. This is because the team at PittMoss believes that this revolutionary new media is part of a larger shift in horticultural practices. From soil health and microbiology to climate-change awareness and a growing consumer demand for sustainability, PittMoss is part of a larger sea change and the company’s team is passionate about helping growers “connect the dots.”

PittMoss wants to ease the stress of making the transition and help to alleviate any fears that growers may have. From educating about the ways the products can use less water and less fertilizer, to helping growers understand the “white stuff” that appears on top of their trays (it’s mycelium, and a positive sign), PittMoss provides its customers with the resources to feel confident and empowers them to be part of this new growing revolution!

For more information, visit pittmoss.com.