As a leading manufacturer of horticultural lighting systems for almost 40 years, P.L. Light Systems offers a complete range of innovative horticultural lighting products across a variety of technologies—including light-emitting diode (LED), high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH) and hybrid systems. Our systems are designed to efficiently deliver optimal lighting performance for plant growth and are built to the highest quality of production—combining Dutch craftsmanship with the most stringent North American regulatory standards.

At P.L. Light Systems everything we do revolves around delivering the very best supplemental grow lighting for each individual customer and application—from custom light plans and calculations, to mounting solutions, to research and new product development. Regardless of whether your grow rooms are in a greenhouse or indoors, or whether your grow style utilizes traditional, vertical, aquaponic or aeroponic methods, we can help you choose the best supplemental lighting technologies and develop a carefully considered light plan tailored to your specific needs. Since P.L. Light Systems offers products across all lighting technologies, we will never steer a customer in a direction that is not the ideal solution for their application just to make a sale. Our light plans are always guaranteed to deliver optimal lighting performance and the best cost per micromole of light.

Our underlying philosophy is based on an unwavering dedication to innovation that results in the delivery of optimal lighting performance and maximized yields for growers.

Contact P.L. Light Systems today to request a custom light plan of your own and find out how we can help your business grow.

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