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Since 1979, GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures has been providing growers with custom greenhouse and environmental control solutions. Over the past decade, GrowSpan has taken its extensive experience and applied it to the cannabis industry. Growers who work with GrowSpan can tailor their structure or grow room to meet their most specific requirements and can also take advantage of in-house financing and installation services.

GrowSpan offers a number of commercial greenhouse options, including venlo-style structures and can outfit each with fully automated light-deprivation systems and custom environmental control systems that allow operations to grow year-round in any region. From heating and lighting to fertigation and odor mitigation, GrowSpan has everything growers need to create a structure that complements and optimizes their business. GrowSpan’s environmental-control expertise can also help growers design a grow room that produces healthy, profitable cannabis.

GrowSpan is the only greenhouse manufacturer in North America using the revolutionary greenhouse design software CASTA. CASTA allows GrowSpan to design massive greenhouse structures that ensure superior durability and growing environments. CASTA provides an ideal price to quality ratio, so no structure has to be over- or under-engineered, and growers get the best structure for their budget.

GrowSpan truly is a one-stop greenhouse and growing shop, and manufacturing is done in-house. GrowSpan’s expansive 60-acre manufacturing facility in Dyersville, Iowa, boasts state-of-the-art equipment and allows GrowSpan to keep projects in-house, streamlining the design and construction process. Since the facility is centrally located, GrowSpan can quickly ship buildings and get customers the structures and equipment they need, when they need it.

GrowSpan has a staff of cannabis and greenhouse specialists who have industry experience. They understand the unique challenges of growing cannabis and how to use greenhouse structures effectively in a thriving operation. They can offer invaluable advice, and they help customers design a structure that optimizes both crop quality and profitability. They’ve helped operations transform their grow into thriving businesses that have staying power in some of the toughest markets.

Over their history, GrowSpan has worked on thousands of greenhouse and environmental control projects and helped cannabis operations of all sizes produce superior crops. GrowSpan takes pride in providing structures that are both unique and functional and can help growers create or maintain a profitable growing business year-round.

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