Products don’t show cultivators how to get the most out of their plants and facilities. People do. Products don’t show cultivators how their new LED lighting system affects heat dissipation or surface leaf temperature. People do. Products don’t show cultivators the best lighting strategy for a specific cultivar that maximizes cannabinoid and terpene expression. People do.

As cannabis markets in the U.S. and around the world mature, one simple truth is becoming clearer every year: Research and relationships, not product solutions, will be the catalysts that guarantee individual cannabis operations reach their full potential.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cannabis cultivation. Every operation, every cultivar and every set of circumstances is unique. The strategies cultivators deploy to enhance profitability, maximize yield and optimize facilities should be, too. But the pursuit of perfection in the cannabis industry can’t be done alone. Cultivators need insights, which they won’t find by reading a manufacturer’s spec sheet. Cultivators need to know the strategies they implement will work because they were optimized for them, not because they worked somewhere else.

Our goal at Fluence is to connect our customers to the research and relationships that address those needs. We partner with leading research organizations around the world to better understand the critical role light plays in every facet of cannabis production, from secondary metabolite production and spectrum sensitivity to top-line performance metrics like yield and consistency.

As we unlock the long-hidden secrets of consistent, high-quality cannabis production, our horticulture experts work with customers to apply learnings to their unique controlled environments. The only way to do that is to be on the ground in the grow with them, to see what they see every day.

Our horticulture services team welcomes the opportunity and the challenge. They’ve been where our customers are. They know what it’s like to spend more time with plants than people. And, ultimately, they know that success depends on the combined efforts of cultivators and their partners.

There are still so many amazing cannabis insights just waiting to be discovered. It can be daunting for cultivators to think how those discoveries might change the way they operate, design their facilities, deploy their lighting strategies or grow their plants. But the journey is far from a lonely one. Our own inquisitiveness has led us down this path, and we’re committed to ensuring that it’s well-lit for anyone curious or courageous enough to follow.

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