Everything we were doing and are doing is to make sure we are where we want to be for the beginning of 2018.”

Canopy Growth Corp.’s CEO Bruce Linton, reassuring analysts that the Ontario-based company is strategically planning for Canada’s adult-use rollout, which will happen by July 1, 2018, after reporting a $21.1 million loss in three months, ending March 31. Linton added that it’s “prudent” to continue investment through the next couple quarters, rather than focus on profitability. Source: Financial Post

We have locked up so many black people for marijuana, and I see it as incredibly hypocritical for those folks to return from prison on marijuana charges just to come back to a place that has now legalized and industrialized it, and they can’t play any role.”

D.C. Council member Robert C. White Jr. (D-At Large), a sponsor of emergency legislation passed June 27 that would give preference to minorities looking to enter the medical marijuana industry. It’s part of a nationwide effort to ensure minorities profit from legal cannabis sales. D.C.’s mayor, Muriel E. Bowser, was still reviewing the legislation at press time, but a spokesperson said her administration is already making strides to implement it. Source: Washington Post

You Are Never Going to Win the War on Drugs. Drugs Won.”

Mark Holden, general counsel for Koch Industries, commenting on marijuana criminalization at a three-day conservative strategy retreat in Colorado Springs, led by the Koch political network. Holden also said that medical marijuana should be “off limits” to federal law enforcement. Source: Denver Post

Marijuana is prohibited from being brought onto Airport Property.”

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board created a draft policy in June to confiscate medical marijuana (MMJ) from passengers going forward, “despite the Florida constitutional amendment legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes and the decriminalization of the possession of small amounts of marijuana by the City of Orlando.” However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not actively search for marijuana, and the Orlando Police Department has said it won’t arrest users lawfully carrying MMJ, even on airport property. Source: WFTV 9 (ABC)