People who can inspire others to work toward a common goal, the essence of a good leader, are hard to come by. When a company finds one, the difference that person can make can be difficult to quantify—how do you accurately measure someone’s inspiration, innovation, dedication, attentiveness and caring? But there is no mistaking their impact on their companies, teams and communities.

Leaders champion those around them, recognizing the wins of the collective group. And now it is time to honor those leaders for positively impacting those around them.

Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Conference, with the generous support of FOHSE – Future of Horticultural Science + Engineering, are honored to present six cannabis industry professionals with the inaugural “Cannabis Leadership Award.”

This year’s honorees—Josh Malman (Jushi Holdings Inc.), Graham Farrar (Glass House Brands), Lilach Mazor Power (Giving Tree Dispensary), Troy Meadows (Legion of Bloom), Kevin Kuethe (Lume Cannabis Co.) and Ngiste Abebe (Columbia Care)—exemplify the leadership qualities needed to inspire and empower those around them and work toward the betterment of the entire industry, and Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Conference, and FOHSE congratulates them on this well-deserved award.

Whether it be through charitable activities, a values-driven approach, community and industry involvement, or a combination thereof, each one of this year’s honorees has made a positive impact on their coworkers, their companies, their communities, and the cannabis industry at large.

In this special edition, these leaders elaborate on their personal stories, what inspires and drives them, and lessons they learned along the way. Family, friends, and close colleagues also share how these leaders have made a difference in their lives and careers. Winners are being honored at a private Cannabis Leadership Awards reception, taking place at the 2021 Cannabis Conference, Aug. 24-26, in Las Vegas.

Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Conference and FOHSE are pleased to honor these outstanding individuals. We congratulate this year’s honorees once again and look forward to continuing the tradition in the coming years.