Success in cultivating cannabis, as with any other type of success, depends on what you put into it. In cannabis’s case, that input is nutrients.

In this report, you’ll get a peek into how top growers are using nutrients to transform their gardens and their businesses. You’ll see results of grower research on nutrient use, which will help you reflect on your own attitudes and habits, and shape your growing techniques for even better yields.

Growing—and, in particular, nutrient application—is both a science and an art. In my thousands of conversations with growers over the years, I’ve learned that no two people agree on the exact same way to get the most out of their gardens. Each garden, and each plant strain within that garden, has unique requirements that the grower must identify and meet.

Our mission at Emerald Harvest is to help growers achieve simple, easy success through our streamlined range of premium base nutrients and supplements. To that end, we’ve positioned ourselves to know all we can about the industry, our products and growers’ needs. Our Commercial Services division answers grower questions in depth, and frequently meets with clients to consult about their grows and how they can achieve superlative results.

Still, in a changing industry, there’s always more to learn. This is why we chose to support this first-ever research by Cannabis Business Times (CBT). Emerald Harvest shares CBT’s mission of educating growers to help their gardens—and businesses—thrive. This report aims to give growers a broad view of the nutrient market and the trending practices within it. We hope you’ll find it as interesting and informative as we have.

Our best wishes for your success!