Welcome to Cannabis Business Times’ “Smart Nutrients Special Report.”

Some cultivators refer to their plants as their children, and when it comes to nutrition, that analogy seems right on target. The nutrients children consume impact their immune function, growth ability, brain function, energy level and overall health. As they grow up, those nutrient requirements change. And as we all know, nutrition that is ideal for one person may not be ideal for another.

When it comes to plants, the same science applies. Plants need certain nutrients at certain times in their growth cycles. As they grow, their nutrient requirements also change. Many cultivators also stress that different cultivars have different requirements, and that feeding needs, even of different plants within a mono-cultivar crop, can vary. Different growing environments call for different nutrient approaches as well.

Finding the right balance from propagation to vegetation to flowering can be a challenge, and at a time when price pressures are spreading across many markets, figuring out the optimal nutrition for your crops is particularly important.

So, what are other growers’ nutrient strategies? How do they select the best nutrients for their crops and goals? Do they add supplements? Which ones? Are they measuring nutrient-solution and pH levels, and if so, what are those optimum measurements?

Cannabis Business Times (CBT) set out to find the answers. In our first-ever “Smart Nutrients Special Report,” made possible with the generous support of nutrient manufacturer Emerald Harvest, we explore these topics and more. The report will let you know where you fall amongst your peers regarding nutrient practices, share case studies revealing insights from experienced cultivators, and also provide dozens of nutrient tips from cultivators throughout North America.