Photo courtesy of Sjoerd Broeks

Cultivar Details:

Average yield: Yields are always relative to space, regimen and skill level. However, TropSanto growers report uniform, consistent plants with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and above average dry flower yields.

Flowering time: Flower times range from 70 to 75 days after the onset of the flowering photoperiod. Her longer flowering time still is shorter from her mother, GMO Cookies.

Ideal light-intensity setting: The most common phenotype found in TropSanto enjoys full-intensity lighting or full sun. However, the rarer phenotypes that lean toward the father’s side of the parentage thrive in shadier areas or lower-light conditions in general, such as corners of grow rooms.

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: TropSanto thrives in a variety of environments, tolerating intense swings in climate very well. The growth rate, bud and terpene development optimize in the 80 degree Fahrenheit and 70% relative humidity (RH) range.

Ideal cultivation environment rH: TropSanto is fairly resistant to most diseases. She can handle a slightly higher RH than many other varieties; 60% to 70% during vegetative growth, dropping slowly to 45% to 60% through flower. During transition into flower, the fastest growth is seen at a slightly higher RH. Facilities equipped with clean-room areas with low disease pressure can maintain higher humidity levels of up to 70% for optimal growth.

Water needs: TropSanto's water needs are standard and consistent among the majority of all specimens. She is difficult to over water.

Nutrient needs: TropSanto's nutrient needs are consistent with that of longer-flowering cannabis plants. She tends to benefit from a low-nitrogen regimen after day 40 to aid in proper finishing but has been called hoggish by some.

Cannabinoid profile: TropSanto is a highly resinous variety routinely testing above 24% THC with minimal secondary cannabinoids and possessing a calm, sociable effect.

Terpene profile: Most TropSanto female plants are extremely high in caryophyllene, a spicy, peppery terpene that may have anti-inflammatory benefits. TropSanto flowers are usually rich in limonene as well as myrcene but in slightly lower concentrations. This translates to a robust flavor and aroma reminiscent of garlic and cookie dough with undertones of spicy, perfumed hashish.

Susceptibility to any diseases/conditions: TropSanto has been found to be resistant to mildew and bud rot and can tolerate environmental stress quite well.