In 2017, Cannabis Business Times (CBT) launched its first Cannabis Cultivation Conference in Oakland, Calif., to expand on the magazine’s mission to provide the highest level of educational content on cultivation and business operations. We relied on an advisory board of leading cultivation professionals to help the CBT editors create the best programming we could for growers from throughout North America.

There was truly nothing like the event in the market, and it was met with such enthusiasm that we dove head-first into planning an even bigger and better event for this year (March 12-14, again in Oakland). We implemented feedback from last year’s attendees, relied again on our advisory board and put together the most powerful lineup of speakers we could imagine.

For starters, I am thrilled to have Robert C. Clarke—who has spent decades extensively studying the cannabis plant, authored the hugely popular books ”HASHISH!” and “Marijuana Botany,” and is known worldwide for his industry contributions—joining an already all-star lineup of speakers. I don’t have room to list them all, but here are a few:

  • Rare Dankness’ Scott Reach, one of today’s most respected breeders/cultivators who built a high-tech/highly automated facility. He will be delivering a keynote presentation, “What I Learned from My First Year as a Large-Scale Cultivator”—providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a cultivation dream a reality, potential pitfalls, lessons and unexpected challenges;
  • Clarke’s business partner Mojave Richmond, a master geneticist who created the hugely popular strain S.A.G.E., among others, who will be speaking with Clarke on the keynote panel, “Breeding Cannabis Cultivars”;
  • Clade9’s David Holmes, another top breeder, will also speak on the keynote panel;
  • Dr. Raymond Cloyd, state extension leader for entomology, professor and extension specialist in Horticultural Entomology/Plant Protection at Kansas State University, who will present on IPM/mastering biological controls;
  • OutCo’s Allison Justice, a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science, and Dr. Markus Roggen, an organic chemist, will unveil new research results on modulating and optimizing drying and curing, and Dr. Roggen will present results of his research into optimizing supercritical CO2 extraction processes for the highest yields and efficiencies, and customized cannabis concentrates.

We will have an “Ask the Experts” panel of industry-leading lawyers and legislators to answer attendees’ questions about entering and being compliant in California’s new market; sessions on outdoor cultivation, environmental sustainability, what retailers want from cultivators, compliance and inspector preparedness, facility design, and achieving product consistency through a genetics approach, among many others.

Plus, the expo floor will be twice the size it was last year, so you’ll have access to even more expert resources. From companies focused on greenhouses and related materials, to groups specializing in lighting, nutrients, HVAC and environmental controls, you’ll find many vendors that can help you promote plant health and quality, and maximize yield and business success.

But don’t just take it from me; you can check out what our attendees have said about the event at: Plus, see the full speaker and exhibitor lists, and agenda at:

This is going to be a truly landmark event. No matter your operation’s location, size or scope, nor your years of cultivation experience, I guarantee you’ll walk away with insights that will make an impact on your business/your passion, as well as on the cannabis cultivation community at large. With all these amazing speakers, companies and attendees in one location, how could you not?

I look forward to seeing you in Oakland!