Photo by Trew Media Inc.

As a cultivator with 22 years’ experience growing cannabis, both in personal and large commercial settings, Andrew Guy, master grower of Trulieve Medical Cannabis in Gadsden County, Fla., has been in the industry long enough to understand cannabis’ sometimes-finnicky nutrient requirements.

For example, “Sour Diesel is one of those strains that needs to be fed in a different manner than most strains,” Guy says. And for that reason, he has turned to Emerald Harvest—a cannabis-specific nutrient company—as the sole provider of his nutrient line for Trulieve’s 102,000-square-foot indoor facility.

“All of their products perform quite well on their own,” he says. “But I’ve achieved the best results when using their products together as a system.”

In the case of Sour Diesel, “The Emerald Harvest three-base nutrient system called Grow, Micro, Bloom allows me to do that because I can control the nitrogen levels throughout the flowering cycle, and [allows] me to boost the phosphorus and potassium at the appropriate times to allow the buds to set well, get firm and produce the most resin possible,” Guy says.

He adds that the company’s supplements to its base system are what provide the plants with the extra step-up they need to flourish, which can make all the difference at harvest time. “The best part of the line just might be the three main additives,” he says, “as nothing gives my plants what they need like Emerald Goddess, their premium plant tonic; the Honey Chome aroma and resin enricher uses the best sugars the plant needs; and the King Cola powerful bloom booster stands alone as one of the best bloom boosters I have ever used.”

Guy’s patronage with Emerald Harvest began before Trulieve, when he helped found and design an indoor cannabis facility in Washington state. He says the customer service and technical assistance are key to the relationship.

“From the first time I was introduced to the Emerald Harvest team onward, they have been open and engaged with us and genuinely wanted us to succeed. They always offer up any and all information they have,” Guy says. “Because of that, when I was [in Washington] we were able to quickly dial in our feeding and watering regimen, and produce superior-quality flower and yields that helped our business prosper in [Washington's] cannabis market. The level of ... service they provide Trulieve [with] is equally impressive and has allowed [us] to produce healthy cannabis for the Florida medical marijuana system.”