An interactive demonstration of Safety Vision’s open platform solution.
Image courtesy of Safety Vision

As your cannabis business continues to grow and evolve, so should the security that protects it. It is Safety Vision’s pleasure to introduce you to the future of mobile surveillance with our open platform solution. An open platform offers flexibility to pick and choose from endless advanced features such as access control, quick search, license-plate recognition, card scanning and more.

Our single, integrated platform allows the user to track and review video from multiple fleets and locations in a matter of minutes. With an open platform you can combine and store surveillance video from the mobile cameras in your transport vehicle, the body cameras your deliverers wear and the fixed cameras in your facility—all in one easily accessible place for simpler and streamlined video management.

With our open platform solution, geography no longer hinders your ability to stay updated and informed on your employee's daily operations. Remotely monitor every step of the delivery process, from seed to sale, with live look-in. Live monitoring allows you to check in at your convenience and view real-time video streaming from your delivery vehicle, dispensary or growing facility.

“With the cannabis industry taking off the way it has, we’ve been able to see the major benefits of combining multiple vehicle and store cameras on one platform for our customers. Open platform solutions are a huge game changer for this industry. Who doesn’t want to simplify their security?” — Haylee Kidd, Account Executive, Safety Vision

Our mobile system is connected to geofences and sends instant email reports to alert you when a vehicle approaches the delivery location, as well as when erratic driving, prolonged idle periods or off-route activity is detected. Keeping drivers accountable helps reduce unanswered questions and error in delivery.

For security measures, only approved users can access the video footage, keeping your recordings safe and, in some cases, providing indisputable evidence. Monitoring and securing your cash flow and product with mobile surveillance is far more budget-friendly in the long run than hiring armed guards. Our cameras are enclosed in a tamper-proof casing and are ruggedly built to endure vibrations, jolts and extreme climate. Unlike store-bought cameras, our solutions are hardwired throughout the vehicle, making them virtually impossible to steal and ensuring your video is always secure. Investing in an open platform solution will continue to pay for itself for years by giving your business the modern security it deserves, and you the peace of mind to continue delivering efficiently.