A Next Generation Farming (NGF) greenhouse
Photo courtesy of Next Generation Farming

Smart Cannabis and Next Generation Farming Founder, President and CEO John Taylor had tried just about every nutrient product over the years. Yet, when it came to growing cannabis, one company’s product suite consistently produced far greater results: Dyna-Gro®.

After seeing the success, Smart Cannabis/Next Generation Farming partnered with the nutrient solutions company in 2018 with a promise to use and test Dyna-Gro products in its own research greenhouses in conjunction with Next Generation Farming’s SMART App, which allows growers to operate and monitor their smart greenhouse and add Dyna-Gro products remotely. The agriculture technologies and services company even goes a step further by selling and recommending Dyna-Gro full nutritional solutions, such as Foliage-Pro® and Bloom™, as well as its supplemental nutrient formulas, Pro-TeKt® and Mag-Pro® to all its cannabis cultivation clients. “Knowing we’re advising our cannabis growing clients to use the very best nutritional [products], in conjunction with knowing that the Dyna-Gro team is excellent to work with, is a win-win for us,” Taylor says.

There is always risk associated with closely tying your brand to another: If one screws up, it reflects poorly on both. That was never a concern for Taylor and Smart Cannabis, as he explains: “Associating with top-quality products and services is a minimum standard for our overall operations. Including Dyna-Gro nutrients is a natural fit because we only want to affiliate with the best. Knowing [Dyna-Gro is] fastidious when it comes to quality and consistency assures us that they are the best solution for our clients’ current needs.”

If proof is needed, Taylor says, “We’ve never heard a complaint about Dyna-Gro nutrients. In fact, responses have always only been positive.” According to Taylor, use of Dyna-Gro nutrients, especially when used with the SMART App, have increased cannabis yields (and therefore profits) for his clients. “The combination of technology and science-backed nutritional [solutions] produced by Dyna-Gro results in an automatic win for our clients,” he says. But “even without our tools, yields increase. It isn’t just an increase in yields that we’ve experienced, but also an improvement in the quality of crop yields,” which has also, in turn, led to an increase in potency and quality of the company’s extraction products.

Sometimes, though, the best way to increase profits is simply to pinch your pennies. Dyna-Gro’s nutrient solutions help Taylor with that also. “Our own data shows that Dyna-Gro nutrients consistently produce better yields," adding that Dyna-Gro's program is "a more natural cultivation method and saves money,” he says.

Outside of producing highly effective nutritional solutions, Taylor lauds Dyna-Gro for its highly personal customer service approach. “The entire team at Dyna-Gro encourages feedback, is open to ideas, offers feedback constructively and is motivated to be helpful and productive. This never waivers. Dyna-Gro is immediately responsive and always helpful,” the CEO says.

For more than 35 years, Dyna-Gro, touted as The Nutrition Solution®, has been a perennial leader, providing growers with complete, easy-to-use, cost-effective, liquid nutrient concentrates. Its formulas, which contain the 17 essential macro and micro mineral elements plants require for optimal growth, has made the company “one of the most respected names in organic nutrients for horticulture, agriculture and cannabis production,” Taylor says.