Bottom photo courtesy of Moxie

Cannabis extracts company Moxie has scaled its business alongside Precision Extraction Solutions, thanks in part to Precision’s industry-leading cannabis and hemp extraction equipment, says Moxie CEO Jordan Lams.

Precision’s diverse lineup of products is equipped to service small- to large-scale cannabis processors, like Moxie, ideal for a burgeoning company selling an assortment of wares for a network of 300 retail dispensaries in five states. Since its inception, Moxie has used Precision’s closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment as well as a variety of heating and chilling machinery for manufacturing cannabis concentrates and related products.

Precision has developed an extensive lineup of innovations utilized for cannabis extraction, refinement and processing. Moxie paired with Precision early on, impressed by the company’s accessibility as much as its robust technology portfolio.

“It can be hard to get into operations in the cannabis industry, but Precision went out of their way to facilitate us,” Lams says. “We got to use everything before we moved into our facility. We also had help from Precision's support staff and engineers. They presented a complete package, starting with the machines themselves, which are head-and-shoulders the best in the industry in simplicity, price point and reliability.”

In Moxie’s early days, Precision founders Nick Tennant and Marc Beginin separated themselves from competitors by demonstrating “a baseline thermodynamic understanding” of the industry unmarred by jargon.

“Lots of guys reach far for the latest thing, but the fundamental basis to build gets overlooked,” Lams says. “Precision makes meaningful improvements to its equipment on an annual basis.”

While Precision expanded its client base concurrently with Moxie’s rise, the company remains unwavering in its customer-service commitments. In a business where a faulty 49-cent washer can scuttle a day’s work, Lams knows that washer will be on its way with a single phone call.

Precision’s reliable service and equipment have helped increase Moxie’s profitability, resulting in a relationship Lams expects to continue well into the future.

“While we all have an abiding love for our culture and product, we’re all serious businesspeople, too,” he says. “Plenty of manufacturers have art in equipment but lack that business savvy. Precision has knowledge of their machines along with everything else.”


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