In partnership with the Best Companies Group, Cannabis Business Times surveyed employees of cultivation businesses across North America, giving employees the opportunity to anonymously rank their employer across various categories, including leadership and planning, corporate culture and communications, role satisfaction, training, development and resources, pay and benefits, as well as overall engagement.

Companies who ranked on the Best Cannabis Companies to Work For list are featured in the February 2021 issue. Although results from both the separate employee and employer surveys factored into which companies received the designation as the Best Cannabis Companies to Work For, answers from the employee engagement survey were weighted higher at 75% compared to the information from the employer questionnaire at 25%. Here are some of the contrasting survey results from those companies that made the list compared to those that missed the cut. While on average, 86% of employees at Best Companies responded favorably to survey questions compared to 76% at employers that did not make the list, most companies fell short in the pay and benefits category. To read all of the research results from the Best Cannabis Companies To Work For employee and employer surveys, download our free ebook