Photo by Erik Christiansen (@erik.nugshots)

Cultivar Details:

Plant physiology: Snake Eyes has relatively short internodal spacing, medium to broad purple leaves and finishes 3.5 to 4 feet tall if vegged for 3 weeks.

Average yield: Snake Eyes is a low yielder at around 0.07 lbs./sq. ft. of canopy.

Flowering time: Nine to 10 weeks

Ideal light-intensity setting: 600 to 700 micromoles (umols)

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: It likes moderate temperatures in the low- to mid-70s (Fahrenheit).

Ideal cultivation environment relative humidity: It likes moderate humidity in the 55% to 65% RH range.

Water needs: It’s a slow drinker. On-demand watering using a tensiometer would be the best way to feed her. Or you can track the daily feed volume and keep the runoff at 10% to 20% of saturation.

Nutrient needs: Snake Eyes feeds heavier in the stretch phase but normalizes its diet during the finishing stretch.

Cannabinoid profile: 21% to 24% THC, 1% CBG

Terpene profile: Top four (in order): B-caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, and B-myrcene

Susceptibility to diseases/conditions: Snake Eyes has some minor light sensitivity. Keeping light levels around the recommended 600 to 700 umols range should help cultivators avoid light burn.

David Holmes is founder/CEO of Clade9