Hezekiah D. Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association (CGA), in an email update about the impacts of the wildfires in the state. As of the Oct. 13 email, Allen noted that he had “confirmed reports of 23 farms damaged—21 of those lost entirely.” The CGA had raised $17,343 in the days prior and is welcoming donations: bit.ly/donate_CA_Growers.

Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley on how tax revenue from recreational cannabis sales in Canada should be distributed between the federal government and the provinces, noting that the tax income would not cover the entire cost of launching and running the system. Source: CBC.ca

19-year-old Northern Michigan University sophomore Alex Roth, who is part of the university’s newest medicinal plant chemistry program that hopes to graduate individuals ready to make a big impact in the cannabis industry. Source: Detroit Free-Press

Maine attorney Amy Tchao on an amendment to Maine’s proposed adult-use cannabis bill that would require towns to opt-in, not out, of the recreational use program. Source: Portland Press-Herald

Courtesy of California Growers Association; © wildpixel| istockphoto.com; © Lightvision | Dreamstime.com