In an effort to maximize grow space, especially in states like Washington where crop sizes are regulated and expansion is often off the table, vertical farming presents a significant opportunity, but a potentially challenging one.

Looking at this year’s data, nearly a third (32%) of cultivators who participated in CBT’s research said they currently cultivate using vertical farming (in veg or flowering stages).

Nearly the same number of growers (35%) say they don’t currently vertically farm, but are considering doing so in the next 12 months.

Still, a third of cultivators say they do not currently vertically farm in the vegetative stage and are not considering doing so within the next year. And nearly twice that amount (59%) say they don’t currently and are not considering vertical farming in the next 12 months in the flowering stage.

Cultivation in two tiers during the vegetative stage is the most common, with 17% of research participants indicating they use this type of vertical growing system.