Crystal Hammon manages Leading Reads, an Indianapolis company that helps companies create original online content and build relationships with their customers and friends. An aficionado of vintage fashion, Hammon mines the fullest meaning of the word “vintage” at her blog, Dressed Her Days Vintage.

Sam Milton is principal of Climate Resources Group, a Boston-based climate and energy consulting firm that works with cannabis growers and their allies to lower the industry’s environmental footprint.

Jeremy Raab is a professional cannabis grower, researcher and consultant with 13 years’ experience in the cannabis production industry, and also the director of production at CFH, Ltd. His areas of focus include lighting, environmental control, nutrient profiles and fertigation methods, growing substrates, plant manipulation and canopy management, plant populations and integrated pest management.

Shane McKee has been designing facilities and cultivating cannabis in Oregon since 1997. He combines that experience with 25 years in the construction industry to give him the expertise to create and maintain large sites for Shango Premium Cannabis. He oversees operations at five grows in Oregon, and one each in Washington and Las Vegas.

Kerrie and Kurt Badertscher are co-owners of Otoké Horticulture, LLC and authors of “Cannabis for Capitalists.” They have worked with large-scale cannabis producers for more than six years. Kerrie has been involved with plants her entire lifetime and earned certification as a Professional Horticulturist by the 100-year-old American Society for Horticulture Sciences. Kurt brings his 34 years of corporate experience and operations management skills to bear on the business challenges of cannabis cultivation.

Brandon Miller is the director of cultivation operations at Colorado Product Services, which produces the brands Mountain Flower, Double Black Extracts, and Mountain High Edibles. He has over seven years of experience as a consultant and commercial cultivator and is the co-founder of B&B Grow Solutions, which is currently contracted by the State of Ohio for cannabis consulting.

Kenneth Morrow has been writing cannabis-related articles and books for more than 20 years. He owns Trichome Technologies, a cannabis R&D company. He also is an award-winning grower and breeder. He has made contributions to many of today's extraction methodologies and holds multiple patents. He consults on all cannabis-related subjects. Find him on Facebook at: Trichome Technologies or Instagram: TrichomeTechnologies.

John Bartok, Jr. is an agricultural engineer, an emeritus extension professor at the University of Connecticut and a regular contributor to Greenhouse Management. He is an author, consultant and certified technical service provider doing greenhouse energy audits for USDA grant programs in New England.

Jamie Schau attained a B.A. in International Studies and an M.A. in International Development from the University of California, San Diego. Since early 2015, she has been a market analyst with Brightfield Group, where she performs quantitative and qualitative analyses of various aspects of the U.S. marijuana market.

Jolene Hansen is a freelance writer based in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. A former horticulture professional, she is a frequent contributor to the Horticulture Group publications owned by Cannabis Business Times’ parent company, GIE Media.

Mark June-Wells is laboratory director for Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions (CPS), one of four licensed medical cannabis producers in the state. Dr. June-Wells holds a Ph.D. in botany/plant ecology from Rutgers University, and has engineered CPS’ cannabinoid extraction efficiency and tracking programs, developed one of the largest production databases in the United States, and created efficient and repeatable production methods informed by rigorous data collection and statistical model building.

Sam Fiske (top) and Sean Froelich (bottom) are freelance reporters and producers in Chicago. Along with their colleague John Rosin, they team a production crew and create videos covering politics, tech, business and culture. They currently produce web shows and podcasts for Technori, a startup showcase, and are published on WGN radio. The team also creates dozens of videos for their original news network, Toughington Post.