“I am pleased that DEA is moving forward with its review of applications for those who seek to grow marijuana legally to support research.”

^ U.S. Attorney General William Barr released a statement Aug. 26 in response to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s announcement that it would begin processing dozens of pending applications for permission to cultivate the plant for scientific research. Source: Drug Enforcement Administration

“We’ve seen in some states the price go as high as $500,000 for a license to sell marijuana. So, we see people willing to pay large amounts of money to get into the industry.”

^ In a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)-sponsored podcast, Supervisory Special Agent Regino Chavez explained why the FBI was taking a closer look at the cannabis industry’s licensing processes as federal officials investigate alleged corruption by state officials responsible for overseeing cannabis licensing. Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Photo by Erich Saide
“Some of these operators [with license applications] have been waiting with leases, paying out of their own pocket for 11 months now. I think it’s really time we see a bit more political ambition towards getting these entrepreneurs into the game.”

^ Tantalus Labs CEO and founder Dan Sutton expressed doubts about the British Columbian government’s contention that a strong illicit cannabis market is the main reason for struggling legal sales in the province. Instead, he points to a lack of political will to lift the legal cannabis market. Source: Global News