August 2021


Cover Story

Legion of Change

California’s Legion of Bloom emerged from a devastating wildfire stronger and leaner, with innovation and sustainability at the forefront of the business.


Special Report

Industry Standard

Many growers are turning to automation to streamline processes in post-harvest, especially when it comes to what can be the most labor-intensive: trimming.

Hand Trim Vs. Automation

Oklahoma-based Primal Cannabis moves toward mostly mechanical harvesting, bucking, and trimming to scale its commercial cultivation operation.

Exclusive Guide

How to Win Over Investors

When approaching investors for capital, understanding the basics can help increase your chances of success.

The Elements of a Successful Grow

From cultivator skill level to facility infrastructure and market potential, a variety of factors will determine the fate of your new business. Robert C. Clarke and Mojave Richmond offer tips and considerations for cultivators just getting started in their cannabis venture.

13 Security Tips For Cultivation

Protecting your business from theft goes beyond complying with state regulations–and the biggest risk you face might surprise you.