February 2019


Cover Story

From ‘Good Herb’ Stems Success

Sustainability and quality standards led award-winning Yerba Buena to an acquisition by Stem Holdings, vaulting the Oregon company into the upper echelons of a business world it hopes to change.


Presidential-Level Protection

The final installment of this three-part, deep-dive series into Buckeye Relief focuses on how the Ohio company protects its staff, investment and community.


Special Advertising Section

Increasing Profts

Learn how cannabis companies have utilized the industry’s most innovative products and technology to increase yields and boost their bottom lines.

Customized Climate Control

Grow Industries Inc.’s owner turned to Accelerated Growth Solutions for a specific HVAC system in his grow in Washington state. Its results doubled his gross income.

Room To Breathe

High Country Genetics’ decision to use Smart Pots’ aeration-promoting container product has allowed the California company to grow bigger cannabis plants with healthy root systems.

Hemp CBD on the Horizon

Jack Tatum's decision to outfit his hemp-based extraction endeavor in North Carolina with Precision Extraction technology has him looking optimistically toward a profitable future.

An Effective Soil Mix

How one self-proclaimed ‘soil geek’ and commercial grower is using PittMoss to improve plant characteristics and cannabinoid/terpene content.

A Bright Idea to Double Yield

Commercial Grow Supply’s California cultivation operation has significantly boosted its production by implementing Nanolux’s lighting technology.

Powerful Plant Feeding

Smart Cannabis and Next Generation Farming CEO John Taylor shares why he uses Dyna-Gro® products in his own research greenhouse and recommends the brand to all his cultivation clients.