January 2018


Cover Story

Ready for the Race

Northern Emeralds founder Cody Stross saw a gap in the California market and went after it, relying on patience, a nose for quality and direct connections with the consumer.



Growing Media Guide

In this first-of-its-kind research project, we dig deep into cannabis cultivators’ growing media trends—and offer advice about caring and storing your media, how to pick the most suitable medium for your operation, and more.

Types of Media

Like many aspects of cultivation, growers look at their media like a formula. While some trust one growing media to take them from the vegetative stage of production to flowering, others mix and match media types to find a precise blend that’ll offer optimum results. Here, we offer a breakdown of those mixes, according to cultivators surveyed.

Successful Storage

Follow these guidelines for proper storage to prevent contamination of your growing media and harm to your plants.

Media Math

Figuring out which growing media is right for your grow isn’t always easy. So, do your homework, then pick a winner based on all factors.