July 2018


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The $25 Pound

Dan & Glen James of Bosmere Farms share how some serious bootstrapping has allowed them to drastically cut production costs and compete in Oregon’s saturated market.


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Ask the Experts

We asked 18 specialists to provide insights into essential cannabis-production topics to help cultivators enhance their businesses.

5 Questions with Conor Guckian

“Automation” is certainly a buzzword within the cannabis industry. With commoditization taking place in many saturated markets, cultivators are always looking to get a leg up in reducing costs and maximizing profit margins. Here, Accelerated Growth Solutions Founder Conor Guckian describes some of the challenges and benefits of automating HVAC systems, as well as how to properly plan ahead for and navigate around potential issues.

5 Questions with Arianna Taylor

Produce and other food products produced by organic practices are offered in three out of every four conventional grocery stores in the United States. It’s no surprise consumers expect the same quality with their cannabis products. In order to adopt organic practices and beneficial insects into your operation, ARBICO Organics’ Arianna Taylor shares what you need to know to get started.

5 Questions with Matt Andrus

When considering a new product for your integrated pest management (IPM) plan, it’s important to learn its chemical makeup and how it will be compatible with your current IPM products and equipment. Here, Arborjet Horticultural Specialist Matt Andrus explains how the neem-derived AzaSol works, and how you can implement this organic and OMRI-listed product into your operation.

5 Questions with Steven Sarson

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. Adding a fence around your cultivation operation could be a major factor in protecting it against unwanted animals and people. Here, Steven Sarson, agricultural sales manager and the Bekaert Fence pro from Bekaert Corporation, shares how to make sure that your fence does the job you intended it to do and lasts for decades.

5 Questions with Brian Kunkel

It’s common in this industry for security to be an afterthought. With so many upfront expenses, it can be difficult to determine what type of preventative safety measures should be put into place to keep your products and your employees safe. Here, Bri-Bet Security Solutions’ Brian Kunkel explains how to select the right security personnel, how law enforcement experience can work to your benefit and more.

5 Questions with Arnold Heckman

Cannabis product packaging can present a conundrum for cultivators and dispensary operators: Using compliant packaging can inhibit creativity, often forcing brands to choose between compliance and brand recognition. But it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Here, Cannaline CEO Arnold Heckman shares how his company is changing the packaging game to provide brands the best of both worlds.

5 Questions with Patrick McManamon

Much like banking, cannabis businesses are often turned away from traditional insurance companies—as many providers are not in a position to assume the risk that they perceive a cannabis business may pose. Companies like Cannasure, a national, cannabis-specific managing general agent and wholesale brokerage, have taken the leap to offer insurance-based solutions for cultivators and other industry businesses. Here, Cannasure CEO Patrick McManamon shares what you need to keep in mind before selecting a policy.

5 Questions with Jim Loar

Growers are using the ancient material biochar in their cultivation operations. To understand biochar’s history and important technological advancements that have made it possible to harness biochar’s unique properties to deliver substantial soil-health benefits, we talked with Cool Planet’s CEO, Jim Loar.

5 Questions with Paul Brentlinger

Properly adjusting plant nutrients and dosing can be time consuming and costly. CropKing President Paul Brentlinger explains the ins and outs of automated nutrient injection systems, including the cost benefits, labor reductions and simple system integration.

5 Questions with Travis Williams

Lighting, whether it’s LED, HPS, CMH, fluorescent or the sun, remains one of the most debated topics when discussing cannabis cultivation. Whether it’s the confusing acronyms, the skeptical claims or simply the pace at which lighting systems are advancing, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Lighting has fundamental importance to a successful harvest. Here, Fluence Bioengineering Director of Marketing Travis Williams explains the science behind lighting, the technology behind LEDs and why knowing a few basic terms will go a long way toward cultivation (and operational) success.

5 Questions with Cullen Raichart

No matter how you decide to trim your cannabis flower, there is no debate that trimming is a crucial component of the post-harvest process. It’s imperative that buds are presented well to the customer. Here, GreenBroz Founder and CEO Cullen Raichart explains why automating this process can help your business to both scale and succeed over the long term.

5 Questions with Rich Gellert

While it might be difficult to retrofit existing water infrastructure, new production facilities will be put to task to ensure they conform to a heap of new regulations. Rich Gellert, president of HydroLogic Purification Systems, talks about how reverse osmosis is still the most cost-effective and efficient technology, and how an ounce of prevention can save a cannabis company a ton of grief.

5 Questions with Dean Segal

For further refinement of your extracted cannabis material, it’s important to understand the options available on the market, as well as how to make your distillation process as efficient and seamless as possible. Here, Dean Segal of Pope Scientific shares what you need to know about wiped film stills, how to improve wiped film still operation results and more.

5 Questions with Nick Tennant

As the variety of cannabis products expands, so does the opportunity for cultivators to expand their list of services. Extraction is one such area in which a business owner can diversify and find success. Here, Precision Extraction Solutions’ Co-Founder Nick Tennant—whose work and expertise has been featured by CNN, CNBC, TIME and more—outlines what a cultivator should know to get started in this rapidly growing segment of the cannabis market.

5 Questions with Scott Johnson

In cannabis production, growing media selection is critically important—as it can have a direct impact on disease management, irrigation, nutrition and more. Here, Scott Johnson, commercial director for Riceland Foods, explains how rice hulls can be integrated into your growing media to gain sustainability while promoting excellent plant health.

5 Questions with Clint Bryer

With 90 percent of theft coming from internal sources, security has become a part of everyday life and is crucial to the safety and profitability of your cannabis business. Safety Vision’s Clint Bryer breaks down what you are putting at risk when you don’t secure your product transportation properly and how to make it safer for your employees.

5 Questions with Kurt Reiger

When cultivating cannabis, container selection is just as important as the growing media. Smart Pots President Kurt Reiger tells you what to look for in the ideal container. The perfect pot will help your plants’ roots—and ultimately your harvest—grow to maximum proportions.

5 Questions with David Eygenraam

Blackout and shade curtain systems have become an integral part of running a successful greenhouse operation for growing cannabis. Here, VRE Systems Technical Sales Team Member David Eygenraam answers commonly asked questions regarding curtain systems.