July 2019


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Dan’s Gambit

The home base for R&D? A single greenhouse in Founder and CEO Dan Sutton’s home province of British Columbia.



Ask the Experts

We asked 16 specialists to provide insights into essential cannabis-production topics to help cultivators enhance their businesses.

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5 Questions with Conor Guckian

“Automation” is certainly a buzzword within the cannabis industry. With commoditization taking place in many saturated markets, cultivators are always looking to get a leg up in reducing costs and maximizing profit margins. Here, Accelerated Growth Solutions Founder Conor Guckian describes some of the challenges and benefits of automating HVAC systems, as well as how to properly plan ahead for and navigate around potential issues.

5 Questions with Arianna Taylor

Beneficial predatory insects are a key component of a healthy, comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) system. ARBICO Organics’ Arianna Taylor explains how to maximize the effectiveness of predatory insects and what conditions are best for them to thrive.

5 Questions with Marc Byers

Marc Byers, owner and president of Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, explains why odor control requires much more than having the right mitigation equipment in place.

5 Questions with Patrick McManamon

Much like banking, cannabis businesses are often turned away from traditional insurance companies—as many providers are not in a position to assume the risk that they perceive a cannabis business may pose. Companies like Cannasure, a national, cannabis-specific managing general agent and wholesale brokerage, have taken the leap to offer insurance-based solutions for cultivators and other industry businesses. Here, Cannasure CEO Patrick McManamon shares what you need to keep in mind before selecting a policy.

5 Questions with Travis Higginbotham

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any cannabis operation, whether growing indoors in a warehouse or greenhouse. Travis Higginbotham, director of global horticulture services for Fluence Bioengineering, provides an overview of DLI and what to consider when installing supplemental lighting.

5 Questions with Will Kacheris

Greenhouse production provides operations with a great way to grow top-notch bud, while still maximizing their profits. Will Kacheris, commercial greenhouse specialist for GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, answered some of the industry’s most asked questions.

5 Questions with Dr. Bob Bhushan

Dr. Bob Bhushan, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Micron Waste Technologies, explains why cannabis green waste is different from other plants and shares the best disposal methods available.

5 Questions with Jérôme Doucet

Maximizing efficiency is key in any industry, but this is especially true in a cannabis cultivation facility. Jérôme Doucet, president of Montel, explains how tiered mobile shelving systems can increase growing space without a facility expansion.

5 Questions with Dean Segal

Wiped film distillation is often carried out using strict sets of methods and parameters from internal SOPs, but incoming extract material composition is not fixed; it changes depending on various factors, so do product goals. Dean Segal, vice president of sales and marketing for Pope Scientific, shares distillation approaches and strategies for adapting to such changes for optimization of product quality, yield and profit.

5 Questions with Nick Tennant

The extraction industry is booming. With more than 70 percent of cannabis and hemp retail sales coming from extract-derived products, and the CBD market alone anticipated to be a $22-billion industry by 2022, a growing number of entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this fast-growing segment. Precision Extraction Solutions Co-Founder and CTO Nick Tennant discusses some of the hot extraction industry topics.

5 Questions with Scott Johnson

In cannabis production, media amendment selection is critically important, as it can have a direct impact on disease management, irrigation, nutrition and more. Here, Scott Johnson, commercial director for Riceland Foods, explains how rice hulls can be integrated into your growing media to gain sustainability while promoting excellent plant health.

5 Questions with Clint Bryer

With 90 percent of theft coming from internal sources, security has become a part of everyday life and is crucial to the safety and profitability of your cannabis business. Safety Vision’s Clint Bryer breaks down what you are putting at risk when you don’t secure your product transportation properly and how to make it safer for your employees.

5 Questions with John Petze

John Petze, principal and co-founder of SkyFoundry, explains which metrics are essential for growers to track and how data can help improve efficiencies.

5 Questions with Dustin Locks & Tim Ferchau

Containers serve as the foundation of a growing operation. Dustin Locks and Tim Ferchau of Smart Pots® explain why fabric containers can help growers cultivate cannabis more efficiently using less inputs while preventing pests and diseases and increasing yield.

5 Questions with Mauricio Manotas

Climate screens can be useful tools for growers, not just in efforts to save energy, but in improving crop quality. Below, Mauricio Manotas, president of Svensson’s Americas Subsidiary, discusses the benefits of a climate screen, who the company works with on other technology and more.