July 2021



Cover Your Ass...ets

Insurance options can be confusing and costly, and risks can hide in the fine print. Here, experts share insights to help you get the coverage you need.

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Growing the Giving Tree

After navigating a rocky adult-use rollout and other obstacles, the Arizona-based, vertically integrated company is ready for a boom.


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Ask the Experts

We asked 13 specialists to provide insights into essential cannabis-production topics to help cultivators enhance their businesses.

5 Questions with Scott Johnson

In cannabis production, media amendment selection is critically important, as it can have a direct impact on disease management, irrigation, nutrition and more. Here, Scott Johnson, commercial director for Riceland Foods, explains how rice hulls can be integrated into your growing media to gain sustainability while promoting excellent plant health.

4 Questions with Nathaniel Gurien

Cannabis banking is a challenging and oft-restricted space, but financial services are more accessible than most “cannapreneurs” realize. Nathaniel Gurien, CEO of Fincann, helps clear up the confusion to put you on the road to compliant banking.

2 Questions with Doug Jacobs

Doug Jacobs, technical adviser at Grodan, shares his expertise on how cannabis growers can reap the benefits of data-driven cultivation.

5 Questions with Ton Mathissen

The importance of properly drying and curing cannabis cannot be overstated. In this Q&A, Cann Drying Systems CEO Ton Mathissen outlines the risks growers take by not properly drying their products, how to size drying machines, and how cultivators can make automated systems as efficient as possible.

5 Questions with David Morrison

David Morrison, technical services engineer at Roehm America, details how his company's greenhouse coverings can help cannabis cultivators.

3 Questions with Taylor Kirk

Fluence by OSRAM’s horticulture service specialist, Taylor Kirk, discusses the secret to growing cannabis under high LED light intensities.

5 Questions with Arianna Taylor

Arbico’s operations manager, Arianna Taylor, answers some of the most common cannabis pest questions that cultivators face – and how to overcome those challenges.

5 Questions with Brian Keenan

Integrated pest management (IPM) is one of the most important components of any cannabis operation. Legacy grower and Grower’s Ally cannabis cultivator Brian Keenan offers insights on controlling common cannabis pests and diseases organically.

4 Questions with Doug Jacobs

Doug Jacobs, technical adviser at Grodan, provides advice on using stonewool growing media and how to properly irrigate plants.

4 Questions with Landra DeLoach

When it comes to seed, the options are innumerable. Crop King Seeds’ Wholesale Manager Landra DeLoach shares insights into the different seed types cannabis cultivators can buy, sheds light on some common misconceptions, and explains how growers can verify seed history and quality.

5 Questions with Jacob Carson

Cannabis owners and operators must weigh multiple factors when deciding what type of greenhouse is best for their cultivation plans and climate, including cost and materials used. Jacob Carson, systems engineer at Prospiant, explains the most important, foundational questions owners must answer when considering a greenhouse structure.

4 Questions with Karl Lundgren

CenturionPro Solutions’ VP of Marketing, Karl Lundgren, discusses the rise of automated harvesting solutions and their necessity for commercial operations.