May 2018


Cover Story

The Queen of the Desert

Priscilla Vilchis, owner and CEO of Premium Produce, has gained acclaim during her fast ascent through the cannabis ranks and is building her brand around her strongest asset: herself.


Special Advertising Section

Special Report: Control Your Grow

Your plants’ environment is the key to cultivation success. Master your climate by improving systems that manage energy, biosecurity, temperature, humidity and more to protect plant health and boost yields.

Sealed and Delivered

Closed-loop climate control lets Smokey Point Productions’ Rolling Farms staff focus on providing their plants with hands-on, individual attention.

Humidity for a Healthy Grow

How relative humidity, temperature and vapor pressure deficit can decrease the risk of disease, increase yield and maximize terpene production.

The Keys to Preventing Crop Loss and Diminished Yields

Troy Rippe, Surna’s Senior Technical Advisor of System Engineering and Product Development, answers 4 pressing questions about optimal mechanical design in a controlled environment, including considerations for air sterilization and how to work effectively with a mechanical engineer during facility construction or retrofit.