November 2017


Cover Story

Florida Firsts

Trulieve’s founders achieved many cannabis milestones in The Sunshine State by forming a large-scale operation built on 30-plus years of horticulture knowledge and a team attitude.


Special Report

Facility Types

A Shifting Market: What Types of Lighting Are Growers Using?

It Takes Two

Intensity and spectrum are two critically important measurements when lighting cannabis. OutCo’s Allison Justice explains how her recent trials with LED fixtures have helped her improve both.

The Color of Growth

Dr. Dean Kopsell sheds light on how adjusting spectrum during production can increase desirable cannabis traits.

The Power of Incentive

More efficient lighting can pave the way for energy rebate opportunities with your local utility provider—and amount to significant input cost savings.


Closed-Loop Climate Control

Black Diamond Biotech utilizes a holistic approach to maintain an ideal environment for aeroponic cannabis cultivation.

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