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MLB Eases Cannabis Rules

“It was a part of a larger conversation that was reflective of the attitudes changing in many parts of the country.”

^ In an interview with ESPN, Tony Clark, head of the Major League Baseball Players’ Association, noted the state legalization movement as an impetus for Major League Baseball to change its rules on cannabis testing. Going forward, cannabis-related conduct will be treated the same as alcohol-related issues, and players generally will be referred to mandatory evaluation and voluntary treatment. Source: ESPN

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Higher Licensing Fees for Maine Hemp Farmers

“The proposed per-acre price went up because of our concern that the new federal standards will drop the number of growers, and then we will not have the revenue needed to run the program.”

^ Gary Fish, a horticulturalist who oversees Maine’s hemp program, says the state decided to double the per-acre cost of applying for a hemp license from $50 to $100. A drop in licensed hemp farmers is expected due to new USDA THC calculation methods, which will include THC acid (THCA) in its formula. If that rule had been in effect in 2019, 27% of Maine hemp farmers would have had crops that tested above acceptable levels, according to the Portland Press-Herald. Source: Portland Press-Herald

Committee Chair Says ‘No’ to Banking Act

"I remain firmly opposed to efforts to legalize marijuana on the federal level, and I am opposed to legalization in the state of Idaho. I also do not support the SAFE (Secure and Fair Enforcement) Banking Act that passed in the House of Representatives.”

^ Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, announced his opposition to the SAFE Banking Act, which would allow banks and credit unions to serve the cannabis industry. The SAFE Banking Act passed in the House in a 321-103 vote. Source: American Banker