April 2020



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Cannabis Industry Partners

Your business relies on partnerships. In this section, you’ll find industry-leading companies to work with and learn how they can help your cultivation operation succeed.

Argus Controls & Conviron

Effective, controlled drying of a large cannabis harvest requires high-capacity rooms with uniform airflow and tight control over temperature and humidity.

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures

Growers who work with GrowSpan can tailor their structure or grow room to meet their most specific requirements and can also take advantage of in-house financing and installation services.


We believe it’s our responsibility to our partners to be the primary resource that helps them grow smarter.


Helping growers achieve quality and scale with expert support and industry-leading innovations

Smart Pots

With root-pruning capabilities, improved water distribution and more, Smart Pots are the container of choice for cannabis cultivators.