July 2020



How We Got Here: The Financial Evolution of Commercial Cannabis

This special three-part series reflects on legislative, financial and regulatory developments that have altered state-legal cannabis programs during the past decade. Part II looks at how capital and investors shaped today’s market, and what that trajectory might mean for the industry’s future.

Cover Story

Against the Wind

Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico and threatened Tropizen’s launch. The company’s owners not only managed to get the business off the ground, but also carved out a niche in the U.S. territory’s cannabis market.


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Ask the Experts

We asked nine specialists to provide insights into essential cannabis-production topics to help cultivators enhance their businesses.

5 Questions with Arianna Weisbly Taylor

Assassin bugs, green lacewings and mite predators are just a few beneficial insects that can aid cannabis growers in the fight against pests. ARBICO Organics’ Arianna Weisbly Taylor describes how the grow environment can affect efficacy when releasing beneficial insects and why it’s important to provide continuity in an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

5 Questions with Rob Hanifin

Greenhouses allow growers to cultivate cannabis under the sun while still controlling their environment—but sometimes all that natural light needs to be toned down. Ludvig Svensson Climate Consultant Rob Hanifin explains how growers can select and utilize climate screens to control day-length and regulate temperatures.

4 Questions with Dean Segal

Dean Segal, vice president of sales and marketing for Pope Scientific, explains why it's important and how to effectively remove volatiles and solvents prior to, and early in the distillation process to improve yield and quality.

5 Questions with Kevin Serwatowski

Precision Extraction Solutions’ Director of Business Development offers insights into how to design and set up a cannabis extraction and processing laboratory.

5 Questions with Aaron Hook & Geoff Brown

A balanced indoor environment is crucial to plant health, especially as you scale. Aaron Hook, director of environment for Hawthorne Gardening Company and Geoff Brown, vice president of technical solutions at Quest Climate, explain why purpose-built climate control is essential for both.

4 Questions with David Hawley, Ph.D.

Growing consistent cannabis plants is increasingly important as consumers look for specific, repeatable experiences. Dr. David Hawley, Fluence By OSRAM’s senior scientist, explains how lighting strategies can achieve consistent chemical profiles in cultivars.

5 Questions with Scott Johnson

In cannabis production, media amendment selection is critically important, as it can have a direct impact on disease management, irrigation, nutrition and more. Here, Scott Johnson, commercial director for Riceland Foods, explains how rice hulls can be integrated into your growing media to gain sustainability while promoting excellent plant health.

3 Questions with Josh Rembusch

Byers Scientific’s VP of Business Development shares insights on cannabis odor control and how data and a well-thought out plan can save businesses headaches down the road.