June 2020



Lead the Sponsorship Pack

Greatland Ganja’s Leif and Chevelle Abel share 5 tips for maximizing your ROI on sponsorships and preventing deals from going to the dogs.

Cover Story

Working on a Dream

California, the largest licensed cannabis market in the world, can’t seem to compete with illicit activity. What’s the problem?


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Special Report

Five Years Inside the State of the Industry

With consistent year-over-year data, Cannabis Business Times industry research enables us all to better understand the cannabis market, and its trends, and provides a useful tool for future planning.

Revenue & Profits: Plateaued, But Solid

After growth skyrocketed between 2018 and 2019, participants in the 2020 “State of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry Report” hit a plateau in their revenue trajectory.

Where Cultivators Grow

The number of cannabis cultivators growing in greenhouses and outdoors has increased steadily over the years since Cannabis Business Times launched the "State of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry Report."

Industry Optimism, Expansion Continues

In the five years that Cannabis Business Times has published the “State of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry Report,” the vast majority of research participants noted they plan to expand their cultivation operations, with a slight shift in the types of expansion they have planned.

Challenges: One Constant in a Dynamic Industry

The primary cultivation- and business-related challenges for cannabis operations, according to participants, have remained unchanged for the past three years Cannabis Business Times has published the “State of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry Report.”